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What is PHACE syndrome?

PHACE Syndrome is the uncommon association between large infantile hemangiomas, usually of the face, and birth defects of the brain, heart, eyes, skin and/or arteries.


It is an acronym that stands for the medical names of the parts of the body it often impacts:


  • P – Posterior fossa abnormalities and other structural brain abnormalities

  • H – Hemangioma(s) of the cervical facial region

  • A – Arterial cerebrovascular anomalies

  • C – Cardiac defects, aortic coarctation and other aortic abnormalities

  • E – Eye anomalies

Additionally, new discoveries lead doctors to believe LUMBAR Syndrome is also  related.

Mission of the PSC

The PHACE Syndrome Community aims to:

  • Build Community

  • Raise Awareness

  • Disseminate Medical Information and Advancements

  • Support Research


A PHACE syndrome diagnosis can be challenging.


If you or your child received a PHACE syndrome diagnosis, please consider connecting with the community through the PHACE Syndrome Community organization.


Learn more here.

The PHACE Syndrome Community supports research.


Learn more about PHACE syndrome research and the PHACE syndrome registry at Stanford

PHACE Syndrome Community is a proud member of: 
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