Attending a PHACE-to-PHACE virtual meeting is a chance to learn more about PHACE syndrome, and the topics which families, just like you, are interested in learning more about, or discussing in person with other families and individuals. 

Each meeting is one hour in length, and is held through Zoom. 

Pre-registration is required. The Zoom meeting link will be sent after registration is complete.

The meetings are free to attend. 

The PHACE Syndrome Community is always interested in hearing your topic ideas. Please email your ideas to

Meeting Schedule

December 16, 2021 @12 noon EDT

PHACE to PHACE Research: Understanding the importance of participating in research.

Join Dr. Dawn Siegel, Stanford Medical Center and Dr. Anna Kerr, Ohio University as they discuss how research can benefit discoveries in PHACE syndrome.

Register for event here.

January 17, 2022 @8:00 pm EDT

PHACE to PHACE Teen Talk

Join in conversation with other teens, and set the framework for the PHACE Syndrome Community to provide programing to address the needs of those aged 13-18 

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