PHACE Syndrome can be a challenging medical condition. It can be helpful to know you're not alone in the journey. The good news is there's an online community you can join right away for support.


Because of the sensitive nature of the discussions, our forum is structured as a private bulletin board, requiring individual users to register with a log in name and password. To be eligible to join, you either must have PHACE Syndrome or be the parent/guardian of a child with PHACE Syndrome. We ask that everyone respect this policy.


In addition to our private forum, board members are available for private, confidential interactions, via email or phone. Please fill out the contact form and let us know if you think you'd benefit from personal support. 



By asking to join, you also agree with the following statement: I understand the PHACE Syndrome Community forum is a vechicle for those impacted by this medical condition to share their thoughts and perspectives. Any medical discussions are not to be considered official medical advice. Please be sure to discuss specifics of your or your child's medical issues with your doctor.


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