2021 Marks the 25th Anniversary of the Coining of PHACE! 


We are celebrating this milestone all year long, and want to recognize Dr. Ilona Frieden, and her colleagues who recognized a pattern of problems in babies with large facial hemangiomas.


Take the Birthday Pledge


Help us raise funds to create awareness, move research forward, and help our special kids live great lives with a monthly BIRTHDAY PLEDGE for 12 months.


It works like this: If the PHACE child is 10 years old, make a $10 dollar donation per month for 12 months (the cost of a couple of lunches).  Of course you can make a larger donation and we welcome those. The donation is made in honor of the child (or adult affected with PHACE). Remember that the PHACE Syndrome Community is still a small community and the more the community supports our group, the more resources will be available to care for the special children via awareness and research.


Fundraising will also support our next conference, which will take a minimum of $20,000 to organize. Our PHACE-affected kids can also have some fun in the process and be recognized for their efforts.


Make a Traditional Donation


Thank you for contributing to the PHACE Syndrome Community.  


As an organization governed by a   volunteer working board of directors, all donations go directly to benefitting people affected by PHACE Syndrome, whether it be for research or support services. On behalf of all of the children and the families of those affected, we greatly appreciate your contribution. Please know ANY amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated.


Please click the donate button below to make a secure, tax deductible donation: 

Or, a check can be written and mailed to:


     PHACE Syndrome Community, Inc.

     PO Box 300

     Willow Grove, PA 19090

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