Fundraising Ideas you CAN do!


We all want answers. It's why a group of parents with children with PHACE Syndrome joined together to launch this very organization.


And answers are out there, along with the hope that comes from results from each and every bit of  scientific research. But it takes money to run our organization, put on conferences and fund medical studies.


Whether you help us raise $5 or $5,000, what matters most is that you HELP in any way you can! Often the hardest part is thinking of idea to get you started. We hope these links will help.

Also, if you need help with graphics, forms. etc,. or if you would like to request our W9,  please email us - we're happy to assist!


Fundraising Event Ideas


  • Personal Letter Writing

  • Asking Someone Directly

  • Raffle

  • 50-50

  • Silent Auction

  • Combine with Others

  • School Fundraiser

  • The Holidays

  • Any “A-thon”

  • Garage Sales

  • Profit Sharing

  • Car Wash

  • College Sororities/Fraternities

  • Honor/Memorial Donations

  • The Carnival


Click here for detailed explanations for each concept.


*This list is courtesy of the FIRST Foundation, and we thank them for the wonderful work they did in creating a guide.

Other Resources with TONS of Ideas


Easy Fundraising Ideas

This site is an incredible resource, with all the "homework" of various ideas done in advance. Say you want to do a Cookie Dough Fundraiser, this site offers the pros and cons of various brands, and so much more.


Fundraiser Insight

More than 140 creative, original and easy ideas anyone can do are offered at this site.


Fundraising Ideas
From  a ball drop to a food fight, this site has lots of unqiue and whacky suggestions.



In addition to being a site where you can accept funds, GoFundMe also offers their Top 5 Fundraising Ideas. Be sure to notice the various categories listed on the left side as well.


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