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Why Fundraise for the PHACE Syndrome Community?

We all want answers. It's why a group of parents with children with PHACE Syndrome joined together to launch this very organization. And answers are out there, along with the hope that comes from results from each and every bit of scientific research. But it takes money to run the PHACE Syndrome Community organization, to bring families together for a bi-ennial family conference and for virtual meetings, and to support research studies.

Fundraising Ideas you CAN do!

Fundraisers are a great way for your family, group of friends, and workplace to help the PHACE community. In addition, a fundraiser event will create much needed awareness of what PHACE is, while bringing your community together for a common cause…to make an impact on research, and to help the PSC be a key source of information and support to those who are navigating a PHACE diagnosis.


Whether you raise $5 or $5,000, the important aspect is that you raised awareness, which helps the PHACE Syndrome community be better supporters to everyone. The most difficult part to a fundraising event? Getting started! 


The PSC is here to help you organize, promote and plan your event, every step of the way, including graphics, forms, and promotion.

Small events to big events, such as a golf outing, dress-down day at work, or one of your own unique ideas, the ways to fundraise are endless.


Fundraising Event Ideas


  • Facebook Fundraising

  • Personal letter writing to your friends and family

  • Ask someone directly to make a donation

  • Raffle for local items

  • Dress down days at school or work

  • School fundraisers often allocates funds to a cause

  • Local restaurant night

  • Any “A-thon”

  • Garage Sales

  • 5K walks and run

  • Gold outings

  • Honor/Memorial Donations

  • Birthday or special occasion donation in lieu of gifts 

Light Bulb Poster

Other Resources with TONS of Ideas


Fundraiser Insight

More than 140 creative, original and easy ideas anyone can do are offered at this site.


Fundraising Ideas
From  a ball drop to a food fight, this site has lots of unique and whacky suggestions.

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