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2023 PHACE Syndrome Community Family Conference 

Corporate Sponsorship 


2023  PHACE Syndrome Community Family Conference: San Mateo, CA, June 23-25, 2023 


The PHACE Syndrome Community’s (PSC) biennial family conference attracts approximately 150 attendees from around the US and internationally. Parents of affected children, and adults with PHACE syndrome, attend presentations from medical experts, while children are able to attend a childcare program filled with activities to promote self-esteem and self-acceptance among peers and siblings.  


A group of PHACE syndrome medical experts from around the US will meet to discuss research activities as well as care guidelines. The physician side of the conference will be led by our Medical Advisory Board (MAB). Many of the physician’s will be speaking to families at the conference. The PHACE Syndrome Community family conference includes meals for attendees, and family social events to allow for family networking and support. Lastly, the conference provides written materials for families to bring home to share with their local medical providers.


Objectives of the Meeting:

  1. Provide families with up-to-date evidence-based information regarding the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of PHACE syndrome.

  2. Provide families with a forum for networking and psychosocial support.

  3. Provide children affected by PHACE syndrome with a positive environment to connect with peers affected by PHACE and encourage self-esteem.


Corporate sponsorship supports the conference in many aspects. One way your sponsorship helps is by  making this meeting affordable for families and individuals. The registration fee for a family of four is reduced by 85%, creating an equitable and inclusive experience for all. Your donation helps the PSC offer this benefit. 


Your sponsorship allows many families to meet a physician with an interest and understanding of PHACE syndrome and to gain invaluable insight into their or their child’s diagnosis. 


The PSC is grateful for your consideration to become a sponsor of the 2023 Family Conference.

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