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United States:

Where in the World is PHACE?

In short, PHACE is clearly a global syndrome. Below are some statistics generated by an analysis of the official registry. See the dot map representations further down.

Number of US States with PHACE Diagnosis

  • 2015: 27 States

  • 2017: 44 States

       (63% increase from 2015)

       Mid-West diagnosis are limited


Number of Countries with PHACE Diagnosis

  • 2015: 13 Countries

  • 2017: 22 Countries

       (69% increase from 2015)


Registered PHACE Syndrome Community Members

  • 2015: 207 known cases

  • 2017: 321 known cases

       (55% increase from 2017)

Also note: this and other research is only possible thanks to the families that take a few minutes to go through the official PHACE Syndrome registration process. Please be sure to join the community and join the PHACE Registry if you haven't done so already. Thank you!

A presentation of this data is location here.

*No personal data was disclosed for this analysis.


Note: There's incomplete location data for Canada for 2017, which has 10 registered cases.



New Zealand:

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