2021 PHACE Syndrome Awareness Week


 March 21-28, 2021


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There were 135 posters requested for 2021 PHACE Awareness week.


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2021 PHACE Syndrome Awareness T-shirt

Congratulations to Emelie, age 9 from Stockholm, Sweden, the designer of the 2021 PHACE Syndrome Awareness T-shirt.


Read her story...

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I was diagnosed with PHACE early after my birth when they discovered an abnormality in one of the blood vessels to the brain the doctors did a MRI at 3 months of age. The leaky vessel puts pressure to the nerve that controls the eye lid that is affected. This also affects the pupil to have a different size. The eye lid was partly closed from birth and they were afraid I would lose the sight on that eye. I don’t know if this also affects the eye to have a slightly different color from the other. The odds to have one blue and one green eye with PHACE on top is really rare. Gradually the lid become better and better and I don’t have any problems from that except that it is irritated. Apart from that I can easily get migraine.


When my sister was born 2.5 years later, she had a hemangioma with the shape of a heart on her stomach. She also had a different pupil size and was also examined for any abnormalities. However, they could not see any other symptoms.


I came up with the idea to this picture from my mother that suggested that I could draw a Unicorn because she thinks I draw so beautiful unicorns. We have a dog that I love very much so therefore I draw a pawn on the cape on the unicorn. I want it to be a super hero. I love to draw. I like to draw people; it is usually girls since it’s too difficult to draw boys.




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