I Am Natalia and This Is My Daughter!


Maria Sophia was born in Ireland in June 2020 with a clear birthmark on the left side of her head. Everyone in the hospital said to me in time it would disappear. But after a few weeks it began to turn red and swollen.

I went to the doctor when Maria Sophia was 6 weeks and he told me she has a hemangioma and referred us to a specialist. When she was 11 weeks old, we went to a specialist and from that day on our lives changed. 

In August, she was hospitalized for tests and that was when we found out she has PHACES. Maria Sophia was born with PHAC, she has one side of the cerebellum smaller than another, has hemangioma (internal and external), the way that blood circulates in the brain is not common and she was born with coarctation of the aorta.


She had surgery to repair the aorta and since then she has been medicated with Propranolol and seen by several doctors. We are glad and happy because she is developing well. 

I want to thank this community for all the information, because before I met you I was wondering if my daughter would survive, if I would have a chance to see her become a beautiful woman and today I know she will, because you share several cases where I could see that is possible.